Tradícia výroby od roku 1985 25 ročná záruka Certifikáty ISO 14001 ISO 9001


Installation - individual basic components of the system are bonded by stainless steel joints, of which a compact unit is made  in site after assembly. Individual units are then lifted by crane techniques  and fixed by steel anchors into the foundation. The time of  construction of a building with an area of 1,000 m2 is normally realized within 14 days.

Transport - basic parts of Hupro are delivered on pallets sized 700 x 3100 mm. On one pallet it is possible to   ship such number of parts, which will cover about 100 m2 ground-plan area after installation. One truck transports the material, which covers about 1,000 m2 ground- plan area, which represents significant savings in transportation costs.


A transport pallet of size 700 x 3100 mm will cover about 100 square meters.

Self-supporting construction HUPRO requires minimal maintenance during his very long life. After exceeding the standard values characteristic of the climate burden, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of buildings according to regulations.

Construction of the hall is easy and you can construct it with the manual provided by us or by training of your staff directly at the construction of buildings.

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