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Arch constructions are the most effective spatial structures. They are light, while staying extremely rigid and strong. Smart combination of static principles of vaults and shells (formed by longitudinal and transverse forming of the basic steel part in a shape of a W) is easily applied especially for large spans using overlapped areas of up to 50 metres in width.

The basic element is made of structural steel S320GD coated by ALUZINC® and protective layer EASY FILM. The thickness of the steal elements is from 0,8 mm to 2 mm, depending on the span of hall and climate conditions of the construction site. The connection of the individual parts is made with stainless steel joints. The steel arch structure is anchored directly to the foundation using chemical steel anchors.

The advantage is that it is also a relatively lightweight steel structure in comparison to other building materials. This advantage brings significantly lower demands for the foundation of the object and also reduces the cost of shipping and installation. Excellent static properties of the system are useful in extreme weather conditions, construction is resistant to earth tremors of up to 7 on the Richter scale.


Hall Ventilation

The hall is standardly equipped with an active ventilation system, which works on the principle of a thermodynamic buoyancy without the need to use electricity. The side suction fans mounted at the bottom of the hall shell provide a supply of air that is subsequently exhausted by Lomanco® active roof fans. This system prevents excessive moisture and condensation in both insulated and non-insulated halls and also perfectly prevents overheating of the insulation and interior of the halls in hot summer months.

Natural Lightning in the Halls

We use transparent lightning segments or roof windows built in the self-supporting shell of the building for lightning. It is possible to use normal windows or transparent alternatives (panels) in the front and rear of the hall building for lightning.

Hall Insulation

Insulations of halls can be done using HUPRO construction system. This system allows to select insulation thickness, fire resistance, acoustic design and interior design of the halls.


Individual basic components of the system are bonded by stainless steel joints, of which a compact unit is made after assembly on site. The individual units are then lifted by crane techniques and fixed using chemical steel anchors into the foundation. The construction of an object with an area of 1 000 square meters is normally realized within 14 days.


The basic parts of Hupro system are delivered on pallets with size of 700 x 3 100 mm. On one pallet it is possible to ship such a number of parts, which will cover about 100 m2 ground- plan area after installation. One truck transports the material, which covers about 1 000 m2 ground- plan area, which represents significant savings in transportation costs.


We offer comprehensive projection, production and supply services. Our design team will prepare a free of charge study of the hall, and if you are interested, we can offer you a project documentation for the building according to your requirements. We have got processed a number of solutions, design details, insulation systems, interior ceilings, front walls ... We also deal with complex projects of sports fields, including floors, acoustic solutions, heating, lighting .... We are happy to visit you and help you with our experience and expertise to realize your ideas.

The self-supporting HUPRO construction requires minimal maintenance during its very long life. After exceeding the typical norm values of the climate load, it is necessary to carry out the maintenance of the buildings according to the regulations.

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